Acceptance Is Not Agreement

The act of acceptance; a receipt of what is offered with consent, satisfaction or tolerance; esp., favourable reception; Approval; such as accepting a gift, an office, a doctrine, etc. Does acceptance seem to you a resignation? Like you have to give up what you want and agree with something you don`t want? Another way to view silence as acceptance is that both sides have agreed that silence can be treated as acceptance. consent status; harmony of opinion, statement, action or character; compliance; Harmony; compliance; because there is a good agreement among the members of the Council. Ouch! That`s not the kind of acceptance I mean when I say, “All growth comes through acceptance!” This insightful comment on “What`s Perfect About Perfectionism – Part 2” by Angelika Wetter (Children 1, 4), Argentina, explains this very well. Growing up as an “imperfectionist” and not being aware of it has always been synonymous for me with accepting what is, which would mean giving up my desire for a clean kitchen countertop. I share this because I think it could also apply to other “imperfects.” In my imperfect understanding of acceptance, accepting something I don`t like would only mean giving up my need to change it, abandoning my love for an organized home. This kind of acceptance will eventually bring tensions. There will be tensions when they (or we) make life decisions that are outside of God`s will. We feel this tension when someone we love is in a toxic friendship, has made unethical decisions at work, told us things that have turned out to be wrong, treats anger in unhealthy ways, or generally lives in sin. I am pleased to hear that Angelika`s powerful discussion about the difference between acceptance and approval was exactly a reminder of the magnitude of this situation. It seems like their timely confirmation of what you already knew was all you needed to see this confusion in your life.

This realization allowed you to get caught up in the present moment and get out of an old pattern (blind spot) that had stuck you. Congratulations! These are precious words, Sandy! I thought about “acceptance does not mean consent” for several days before reading his message. I knew it, yes, but it`s only now that I realize how huge it is. When I saw that my two current difficult situations – my husband and I, my daughter and I, when I kept thinking about them, it was actually about me mixing acceptance and consent. Although, somehow, I`ve known about it for about a year. I still haven`t noticed how I kept mixing them. So, thank you for being here to remind you of something so important! Acceptance allows us to continue; The agreement sets us as you described. Thank you for sharing your great example! My love for another person lies in my acceptance, not my approval of the decisions they can or cannot make. It is possible to be in a relationship with someone and not agree on decisions. Look at how Jesus lived this in his life: yes, but only in some cases. For silence to be considered an acceptance, there are usually previous agreements between the two parties and it is common for both parties to treat silence as an acceptance.

To treat silence on an offer as acceptance of a contract, there must be the following: Never base love on an agreement on a theology or life decision. What we agree on is changing. Building love on the agreement will lead us to deal with tension in dangerous ways: alienating loved ones, sacrificing beliefs, sweeping beliefs under the rug, etc. Even in some of my closest relationships, we won`t agree, but I refuse to give up the relationship. I will always maintain my convictions with confidence. I`m never afraid to engage in conversations about matters of faith, but that doesn`t mean I act like an idiot and make “idiot” people with my faith. “Torn jeans were not accepted in the country club” Reading your application of the three-step approach to this example, I suddenly realized why my “imperfectionism” still lies much between me and the use of listening language. Sometimes I feel a strong resistance to SWYS and I validate what is, and today I realized that my whole struggle with it is actually a matter of acceptance. What you do in the first two steps – validate, observe, find perfection – is to accept what is supposed to create a healthy foundation for problem solving.

When you teach in your classes, “All growth comes through acceptance.” That`s kind of the heart of what you`re teaching. “The acceptance of Newtonian mechanics has been undisputed for 200 years” If someone makes him an offer and you don`t respond, you`re usually not bound by a contract. Your silence is generally not considered an acceptance if you do not really intend to accept. This generally applies even if the person making the offer expressly states that your silence is considered acceptance. “They had an agreement that they would not interfere in each other`s affairs” “Agreement between experimental observations and theory” As I was curious, I searched the dictionary for “accept, and I found that “agree” is actually a definition of acceptance. But there`s another meaning that I think is just the sense of acceptance that you use in SWYS: “My love for another person is in my acceptance of them and not in my approval of decisions they can or can`t make.” Thank you, Angelika, for sharing your thoughts and clarifying this for so many readers! For another example that brings home Angelika`s points on acceptance, you can read my daughter Betsy`s article “I love my body (seriously!)”. The results of my experiment are consistent with Michelson`s and with the law of general relativity. Not all stories have such an end, but if you live in the tension of accepting and agreeing with someone, listen to me about it. If I had chosen to see acceptance and agreement as synonymous, I am not sure that my parents would have submitted their lives to Christ. If I believed there was no difference between my parents` acceptance and approval, we wouldn`t have a relationship today. Contract rules often vary from state to state. If you are wondering if there is a valid offer and acceptance of a contract, a business lawyer familiar with contract law and contract design and review can help.

Finally, if the silent party reacts to the agreement, silence is treated as a guess. In the case of unsolicited goods, if the potential buyer uses the goods, the buyer has accepted the contract. Suppose A sends B something to eat and A informs B that A is waiting for a payment. If B eats the food, then B has accepted the agreement. .

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