I Agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy Prestashop 1.7

I have a very similar problem. On the order confirmation page, I have this message: I accept the terms of use and I will abide by them unconditionally. (where the terms of use have a link to a page that I can post). The problem is that the translation into my native language is not quite correct and does not have the link (which is mandatory and I have to add it). When I search in translations in subjects, I can`t find them. Scroll down to Custom Content, add the iubenda privacy policy link you received with the direct link integration method and call it “Privacy Policy”: Drodzy klienci / Dear customers PL: Dostajemy wiele pytań dot. wielu sklepów w ramach jednej instalacji Presty (multistore) oraz dot. usuwania konta klienta. Jeśli używacie wielu sklepów w ramach multistore, a w każdym sklepie jest np. nna domena i inny język – moduł sobie z tym poradzi. Consents can be created in the multiple store, regardless of the store, and any consent can be translated into the languages included in the store. In the case of multistore, it is enough to buy a license – a module. The customer can submit a request to delete his account.

Each store is guided by a different customer data processing policy. Stores often have custom modifications and modules that also collect data or want some of the data (e.B invoices) to remain in the store. Automatic deletion of data by the module is very dangerous – e.B. not all data in your store can be deleted. The administrator receives a notification of the customer`s wish to delete the account and must perform the appropriate actions with this information, after which the deletion request will be marked as complete, and the module will save this information in the list of deleted accounts. — EN: We have a lot of questions about multistore and multilanguage and requesting account deletion. If you operate many stores with multishop and e.B. each store uses a different language – module allows you to create terms in each store separately with translations. A license (a module) for a multistore is enough 🙂 Customers who want to delete their account send a request to the administrator. Stores have a different policy with customer data as well as modifications and modules that also collect data – automatic deletion of data is very dangerous for deletion of data and stores, so we leave them in the hands of the administrator. The administrator sees that customers want to delete their account and the administrator can do what is necessary. After performing your own activities with the accound deletion, set the delete request as complete and save it.

The customer may revoke a given consent. The module contains a list of the conditions to be revoked and a list of the conditions withdrawn, as well as the data of the customers who have requested the withdrawal of their consent to the conditions. The consent given, which has been revoked by a customer, is included in a list of conditions to be revoked. The store administrator can revoke the consent of customers who have requested it. Revoked consent is placed on a list of removed terms. The deletion or transfer procedure must be performed by the store administrator. With PrestaShop Consents and Terms and Conditions Manager in your PrestaShop 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7, you can see any number of conditions accepted by your customers in the important areas of your store. You can configure each term individually. Customers can accept the terms and reject them, which can, for . B, get them to disconnect from the store. Click Add, scroll down to Content Pages, then deselect Legal Notice (to avoid displaying the link to the default PrestaShop policy page), and then click Save.

Check your store to make sure you like the link placement and adjust it if necessary: by adding (or changing existing terms), the terms can be configured as needed or as an option. Each created condition can be freely configured as needed. You can create as many conditions as you want and display them in the following areas of your store: It drives me crazy. I cannot change the text if the customer wants to create an account: “I accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy” in another language (in my case Danish). I went through all the translations – nothing, cms – nothing. Can someone please help? Using PS See annex. I only find this for the checkout in the section: “By confirming the order, you confirm that you have read and accepted all the following conditions: ” Nothing similar in the payment module As you have probably noticed, we also offer free modules. We do not offer individual support for free modules, we do not respond to private emails related to support for free modules. If you need help related to the free module, create your own thread on the official Prestashop forums or on cart-help.com forums. We offer free help there, also for free modules. The consent accepted by the customer, which is then revoked by him, enters the list of conditions until the revocation.

The store administrator can revoke the consent of customers who have requested it. After the approval of the withdrawal of consent by the Administrator, this consent will be included in the list of withdrawn conditions. The consent after its revocation is again visible in the store and works as it was set up, e.B. it can disconnect the customer from the store if he does not accept it again. Note: “12345678” is just an example, your policy has a different value. Please read carefully the following text with the Terms and Conditions. The module allows you to add any amount of required or voluntary content to accept for new and registered customers of your store. Your customers can accept and reject the approved terms, upload all their data, and send a request to delete their account. Manage and manage your terms and conditions, consents, regulations and GDPR from one place! The ” I accept the terms . The sentence can be found in the translation section (international>translations>translations: classic: your language): but you have to choose the classic theme! then look for the word `accept`” and you`ll find it. .

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