Our Mission

Our Mission

We are not environmentalist, but Earth warrior’s.

Today’s world is facing numerus issues due to increasing use of plastic and non-degradable materials. If we look at the world’s consumption rate todaythings are being produced, used and then discarded at a super rapid pace.


Let’s take a short glimpse to understand, Why Cling Nature is motivated to start this mission?


Facts of Plastic Pollution

It is believed to take a minimum of 500 years for plastic to naturally degrade. This means that every piece of plastic that is thrown away is going to become a long-term resident of our waste system.

  • We throw out enough plastic every year that it could encompass the planet 4 times.
  • 10% of all the waste that is produced in the United States is plastic-based.
  • Up to 1 million seabirds are killed every year because of their encounters with discarded plastic.
  • Almost every piece of plastic that has ever been created is still in existence somewhere.

Impact (every individual is aware of)

It is killing wildlife, creating massive amounts of waste in our oceans, and clogging up our waste systems. We’re literally drowning ourselves in plastic.

Our mission is to be helping hand to improve the environmental quality of our community by fostering partnerships with area businesses, community leaders and our neighbors to create a cleaner, safe place to live and work. So, we urge you to join us in making a small change and start with replacing your daily used plastic items with nature friendly/ bio-degradable products.


Let’s, look at the items that contribute to the heavy share in plastic waste.

  • Toothbrush,
  • Plastic straws,
  • Disposable kitchen-ware,
  • Packaging materials,
  • Plastic bags… and the list goes on.