Natural Bamboo Toothbrush

  • Natural antibacterial & BPA- Free Nylon Bristles.
  • Bio-Degradable bamboo handle-ergonomic design & minimizes land fill.
  • Attractive and Sleek design.
  • A nature friendly companion to start your great day.
  • Child friendly and Safest for your munchkins.
  • Comes in a 100% bio-degradable packaging – So absolute no damage.

Price : 18 DHS

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Bamboo Speaker cum Amplifier

  • A unique and Stylish Docking Station and Sound Amplifier.
  • 100% sustainable Bamboo Material.
  • Great for hands-free audio/video calls.
  • Amazingly Eco-Friendly.
  • Best gifting option.
  • MAKE IT personalized and Branded.

Price : 70 DHS

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Desk Organizer

Bamboo Desk Organizer

  • Amazing eco-friendly gift idea for corporate employee gifting.
  • Single piece 100% sustainable Bamboo Material.
  • Sleek design.
  • Great idea for branding yourself in a complete GREEN Way.

Price : 30 DHS

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Paper Straws

Recycled Paper Straws

  • Size – 7.75 inches
  • Box of 15 Straws.
  • Made of Paper with Bamboo print.
  • Paper straws are a great alternative to plastic straws (One of main culprits for plastic pollution).
  • BPA-Free material.
  • Use it in Sizzling Hot / chilling cool drinks and enjoy for almost 40 mins without any damage to the straw. Tried and Tested.
  • Child Safe and jusssttttfunnn….

Price : 12 DHS

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Note Pad

Bamboo Notepad + Bamboo Pen

  • ECO-FRIENDLY MINI NOTEPAD:This beautiful notebook is made of 100% recycled paper(70 pages).
  • POCKET SIZE & LIGHTWEIGHT STYLISH NOTEPAD: The bamboo cover and the matching pen, makes this elegant writing set a great choice for anyone, anywhere.
  • A GREAT GIFT IDEA: Add a personalized touch by imprinting your feelings on to it. Make it a personalized gift / personal branding.
  • GET IT WITH CONFIDENCE – Relax your mind with a feeling of using a 100% eco-friendly notebook.

Price : 30 DHS

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Bamboo Speakers – Various prints

The BOOSIC Bamboo speaker amplifies & transforms any sound from your  phone. Listening to music is so much more fun! 


Be a style Icon by owing a stylish BOOSIC, yeah it comes in attractive prints and customized according to your needs.


It is a carefully crafted piece of bamboo with a slit in the center, through which you can insert your smart phone. Do this while a song is playing on the phone and instantly witness the amplification created by bamboo, taking your musical experience to a new level. It’s that simple!!

Price : 80 DHS

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Bamboo Straws

Natural Organic Bamboo Straws

  • Reusable Bamboo straws, 100% natural bamboo material. No chemical treated.
  • Eco Friendly & Reusable: Stop Using Plastic, Acrylic, And Other Or Petroleum Derived Disposable Drinking Straws. Conventional Straws Not Only Jeopardize Your Health and Put A Dent In Your Family’s Budget, But They Also Fill The Earths Landfills With Excess Waste. Our Premium Drinking Straws Are Made from Organic, Sustainable Sourced Bamboo, Making Them a Foolproof Choice, Benefiting Both You and The Environment!
  • Nontoxic & Safe: Free of Any Harmful Chemicals, BPA, Or Other, Dangerous Compounds Contained In Conventional Drinking Straws
  • Bamboo Straws Are Perfect for Kids and adults.
  • Bamboo Straws Are Ideal for Warm and chilled drinks, Making Them Your New, Trusted, Year-Round Drinking Companion!

1)Set of 4 straws + 1 cleaning brush
2)Ecofriendly Jute pouch to carry.

Price: 30 AED

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Bamboo Pen

Handcrafted Bamboo Pen

This is no typical office supply – this high-quality pen is hand-made from bamboo, a unique crop that is as sustainable as it is versatile. As such, these pens make a unique and ethical addition to conference packs.


  • These elegant pens are handmade and are produced by micro enterprises in India. The group is run predominantly by disadvantaged women who belongs to Indigenous people.
  • These pens are made by using reed bamboo and coconut shelves. Bamboo helps in conserving streams and is environment friendly.
  • The maximum utilization will help the rural people in earning their bread. With every purchase of script of pen, our clients can help these disadvantaged women to have a promising future

One hand crafted bamboo Pen in a 100% biodegradable packaging.

Price: 10 AED

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Bamboo Cutlery

Bamboo Reusable Cutlery

One of the main benefits of bamboo cutlery is that it can be composted. Bamboo is a natural wood and will decompose, releasing its nutrients back into the earth, where it can be used to help other plants grow. For the planet to benefit from the natural materials in bamboo cutlery, it needs to be placed in a compost pile rather than in a landfill. keep yourself and environment safe. Opt for wiser options.


  • Use in parties, gathering and get-together or for Outings. Just enjoy the food in the most natural way possible.

1) Set of 3 piece cutlery(1Spoon+1Fork+1butterknife)
2) Ecofriendly Jute carry pouch.

Price: 25 AED

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Betelnut Disposables

Betelnut And Palm Leaves Disposables

How about having guiltless parties or outings? Feed your guests and also to earth? Yes, you read it right!! Betelnut and Palm leaves 100% natural plates and bowls. Available in various sizes and shapes.


  • Dried and fallen palm/betelnut leaves from trees are sanitized and then pressed and cut into desired shapes and sizes.
  • Thus, after use, just dig it into soil and let it get absorbed back by Mother Earth. Best Compost and NO plastic Landfill too.


  • Wash it like a normal plate and use it. Can be used 2 times at least.
  • Lightweight like plastic plates but SAFE and GENTLE on mother Earth.

Be smart, be safe, be unique. Stand out of the crowd. Think wise.

12 inch 3 partition plate.
Set of 10.

Price : 25 AED

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Promoting Indian Art n’ craft & encourage rural talent is what required to empower society. I support Bamboo India’s social entrepreneurship

- Namrata
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Bamboo toothbrush – Ideal way to start your day. Make pollution free world. First step from my side.

- Sachin Gokhale
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Everyone should think of lower plastic wastage after product. Bamboo India is doing exactly the same thing.

- Mahesh Mangatani
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We have to switch to good habit, well done Bamboo India

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Bio-degradable products are must for green planet. All the best Bamboo India.

- Rajashree
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Natural Bamboo speaker, unique gift to give.

- Chaitali