Why Green

Why Green

Firstly, we should understand what is meaning of Eco-friendly products?

  • Simplest answer would be “eco-friendly” means products that are friends of nature or environment, and do not harm our mother earth or environment.

Why eco-friendly products usage?

  • Every individual owes to mother nature and we, each one of us is equally responsible for the present and future condition of nature. Just by swapping to environmentally safe, green products in day-to-day life is simple for any individual who wishes to contribute to the sustainability of environment.


Benefits of Eco-friendly products and role of CLING NATURE towards Greener community.

By using more environmentally safe products, we reduce pollution and contamination of the natural resources such as the air, water, and soil.


Hurdles in using Green Products

Awareness:  Consumers are largely unaware of green alternatives and its importance and impact when they will practically switch on to it.


Build Better Product:  Misconception is “Green products are costly”, but truth is a penny spent extra today will save us spending in multiples in future.


Offer More:  To increase sale of green products, we are making an effort to make sure that consumers understand the returns both financial and environmental, on their investment by just “Switching to Green”.


Bring Products to the People:  Today’s Smart consumers check for easy availability and being time constrained, tend to buy products that are easily available, preferably at door step. We want to achieve this and reach to every “Green Active” consumer.


Cling nature is established with an intention to reach to every individual, be the first Educators and start with creating awareness within society for everyone’s betterment.


Joining Hands with Bamboo India is the first step towards Greener Earth, just have a look at the below manufacturing unit of Bamboo India products.


Every individual product here is a master piece as “WE Make it by Ourselves for Our people to make Our Nature sustainable”.