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Just over 10 years ago, Western Michigan University unveiled its first four electric vehicle charging stations. In 2014, it had a total of 22 chargers, prompting a British publication to rank the university as the fourth “most electric vehicle-friendly” campus in the United States. But an investigation by WMUK found that Western has not tracked the maintenance of chargers and that those that remain are no longer reliable. This story has been updated with additional information about WMU`s contract with a private company called ChargePoint. LaBine said that while wage negotiations will resume in two years, the overall contract is four years. In a statement, WMU spokeswoman Paula Davis said Western was “pleased to have a contract in principle.” After months of negotiations, Western Michigan University`s part-time faculty union has reached an agreement on its next contract, though members have yet to ratify it. In 2021-2022, a one-time payment of $1,000 will be made. $650 in the second year and $350 in the third year. The new contract, if approved by the WMU Board of Directors, will remain in effect until September 4, 2026.

The Western Michigan University Teachers` Union says contract negotiations with the school have reached an impasse. At a rally Wednesday morning, members and supporters of the American Association of University Professors demanded a higher bid. Members of several unions gathered this morning at Western Michigan University to support the school`s part-time teachers as they seek to sign a contract. UMM`s 2017-2020 full-time faculty contract with the university expired on September 6, leading to a protest for higher salaries, joint governance, and improved COVID-19 safety protocols. Please show your support for our union as we fight for a fair contract. Since our working conditions are the learning conditions of our students, the refusal of the administration to make significant improvements to our contract harms not only us as employees, but also our students. LaBine says the union has won a few victories in the new contract. Western Michigan and WMU-AAUP subsequently reached a preliminary agreement on a five-year contract. UMM-AAUP members ratified the agreement in a vote on September 15, according to a document on the agenda of the WMU Board of Directors for the next meeting on Friday, September 17. Western Michigan University (WMU) relies on part-time teachers from the Professional Instructors Organization (PIO – American Federation of Teachers local #1903, AFL-CIO) to fulfill its educational mission. We are highly skilled and deeply committed trainers, and we fight for fair wages and job stability at the table, but the WMU government clings to unnecessary savings stories in our current contract negotiations. “Even if we don`t get the contract we want, we have momentum now and we will maintain that momentum for the next two years.” Part-time professors at Western Michigan University are protesting the failure of contract negotiations.

The contract for WMU AFSCME Local 1668 expired on Aug. 12, according to Sutton. The AFSCME had a mediation session where everything in the contract was terminated, except for their salary. “It wasn`t so much about the dollar amount as it was about getting something in our contract that we can build on in the future,” she added. The agreement provides for a salary increase of 2% for each of the first three years of the contract. One-time payments are also made during each of the first three years of the contract. KALAMAZOO, MI – Students are in their third week of school at Western Michigan University, but the employment contracts of some of the school`s employees remain unresolved. On Friday, September 17, the WMU Board of Directors will hold a meeting and consider a preliminary agreement on the four-year contract for professional instructor organizations, a two-year contract for the International Alliance of Stage Employees (IATSE), and the five-year contract for the American Association of University Professors. Part-time professors at Western Michigan University are unlikely to receive a significant increase in their next contract. But since negotiations may have been concluded as early as Friday, the Professional Instructors` Organization says it has made a profit. On the other side of the table, AFSCME AMU President Bryan Sutton and his colleagues say they don`t feel respected. The members who offered the eight-cent increase included only those in the detention division, according to the AFSCME-WMU.

We have lost a great trade unionist: John McDonald dies John McDonald, the 43-year-old president of the Henry Ford Community College Federation […] “We were the ones who were on campus because our jobs require us to be on campus,” Sutton said. “All the landscaping had to be done, classrooms and offices had to be disinfected to follow COVID protocols. » Featured Members: Colleen McDaniel & Elizabeth Drake, WSU GEOC Colleen McDaniel, PhD student and graduate researcher at Wayne State […] Jasmine LaBine is the President of the PIO. She said the basic salaries of auxiliaries are so low that a 50% increase is not as big as it seems. The Professional Instructors Organization said the university had asked the union to cancel a rally scheduled for Thursday that would have coincided with the students` return to school. In return, PIO President Jasmine LaBine said Western agreed to make one-time payments of $50 to long-time employees. The union agreed and agreed to cancel the demonstration. “We believe the salary package we have offered to our AFSCME employees is competitive,” UMM spokeswoman Paula Davis said on behalf of the university administration. “In these times of financial hardship, we need to find a balance between fair wages in the marketplace and constant attention to the financial decisions that best serve our students.” The meeting will be broadcast live on the Board page of the WMU website. According to Sutton, the food service was also on campus during COVID shutdowns to provide meals to students who couldn`t leave campus.

Students, faculty and staff at Western Michigan University can get vaccinated this fall or get tested weekly for COVID-19. “We have not yet been able to agree on salaries. We remain committed in good faith to working throughout the process towards a new collective agreement. LaBine also says the union will continue to fight for higher wages. As a member of the UMM community in general, it is important to me that the university continues to fulfill its educational mission. It`s clear that part-time instructors are an essential part, but it doesn`t seem like you realize the value of their contribution. “Their wage demands always put them below the poverty wage,” she said as she stood near Stadium Drive with PIO members on Thursday morning. According to Sutton, UMM offered more than 50 percent of AFSCME members a salary increase of 0.5 percent, or eight cents per hour, in the first academic year and a one-time payment of half a percent next year.

Western Michigan University responded with a statement on the status of negotiations with the union. Some employees and union members of the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 1668 demonstrated on the UMM campus on Wednesday, September 15. AFSCME Local 1668 President Bryan Sutton led the protest for higher wages, with a sign titled “Western works because AFSCME does it,” while his colleges and other staff groups followed. Letter to the Editor: Dig into Local Eats, and you`ll get a warm dose of community, so I urge you to remove the useless narrative of austerity and start paying some of your most important faculties a fair salary that`s fair to their full-time colleagues. .

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