Wto Dispute Settlement Case Law

Steptoe has negotiated a wide range of issues related to the interpretation and application of the WTO Agreements. Wto disputes in which Steptoe has been involved include, among others, disputes relating to aid for trade measures, trade in goods, trade in services, intellectual property rights and technical barriers to trade. Many of these disputes have resulted in landmark panel and Appellate Body reports interpreting key provisions of the WTO Agreements. Steptoe`s lawyers have been involved in many of the WTO`s most complex and high-profile disputes since the creation of the WTO in 1995 and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). For example: you can also save your search. It will then appear in myWTO disputes, where you can view the search results or edit or delete the search. You are about to create email notifications for the following disputes based on your search criteria: The related WTO dispute datasets compiled by Chad Bown and no longer updated but still useful for search can be found below under “Trade Flows and Trade Disputes Dataset” and “Temporary Trade Barriers Database”. The “one-page case summaries” include all panel and appellate body reports adopted by the WTO Dispute Settlement Body (DPO) by 31 December 2020. It devotes a single page to each dispute and provides a concise summary of the main findings of each panel report and, if applicable, the corresponding Appellate Body report. Steptoe has advised WTO members and private sector interests on more than 50 different WTO dispute settlement procedures. Steptoe has represented and advised clients at every stage of dispute settlement and is one of the few law firms in the world to appear regularly on behalf of WTO Members in panel and appeal proceedings. We work with our clients to develop case strategies, participate in the consultation process, prepare written submissions, and present arguments to panels and the Appellate Body.

Together with our colleagues in Steptoe`s Investor-State Trade Policy and Arbitration groups, we advise sovereign and commercial clients on how to use international trade and investment agreements to achieve their goals. Our understanding of WTO disciplines, as well as the role that WTO dispute settlement can play in the application of these disciplines, is an important part of Steptoe`s comprehensive approach to addressing market access issues and other barriers to trade and investment that our clients face. Enter a dispute number, then click Go or click the file number (DS) below to go to the dispute page. The growth of international trade has led to a complex and ever-growing primary law, including international treaties and agreements, domestic legislation and jurisprudence for the settlement of trade disputes. This research guide focuses on the multilateral trading system managed by the World Trade Organization. It also contains information on regional and bilateral trade agreements, particularly those in which the United States is involved. Email notifications are for informational purposes only and have no official or legal status. Automated email notifications do not constitute an official distribution of dispute resolution documents. Official documents can be found here. Full disclaimer In addition, the draft contains a set of data on WTO disputes, which is regularly updated. The latest version of the dataset containing updated information for the years 1995 to 2020 and an associated user manual can be downloaded below from the “WTO Dispute Settlement Database”.

The rapid growth of international trade has led to a complex and ever-growing primary law, including international agreements and jurisdiction to settle trade disputes. This guide will show you where and how to find these primary documents and recommend ways to find secondary sources (books and journal articles) on your topic of international trade law. This page is designed to help you find and track disputes that meet the criteria you specify. Use one or more of the following drop-down menus to specify the search criteria, and then click Search. You will receive a list of disputes that meet your criteria. The cases listed below are in reverse chronological order (the most recent appear first). Final versions of the case law are published in a special annual issue of the World Trade Review. The publisher, Cambridge University Press, has made these articles available unchanged.

They can be downloaded at www.cambridge.org/core/journals/world-trade-review/information/reporters-studies-of-wto-case-law-from-world-trade-review. Each one-page summary consists of three sections: basic facts; the main findings of the reports; and, as appropriate, other issues of particular importance. Disputes are presented in chronological order (by dispute resolution number). Two clues at the end of the publication list the disputes under the WTO Agreements and the WTO Members that responded to the complaint. You can then create email notifications to notify you when new documents are distributed for these disputes. The following UniMelb subscription databases contain reports on cases and arbitrations, agreements and annotated texts, citations and trading histories. Both have slightly different content and are searched for in different ways, so you may need to use both for extensive research. . For more information about the resources listed above, see the Subscription Databases page of this Research Guide. . .

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